Mail Art project “ Altered book pages” You are invited to participate in a Mail Art project entitled “Altered book pages”. You may paint, make a collage, use photos and more on a book page. You can use any kind of book pages you want and as many pages you want or an entire book. If you like I can send you some pages from Greek books to use. Theme: Altered book pages Size, media, number of submissions: Free No fees, no jury, no returns. Deadline: May 1st 2017 Please include the title of the work, your name, address, email address, etc. Documentation: All entries will be displayed online so if you don’t want your contact details (postal and email address) to be published please let me know. A venue is currently being sought where the works can be Exhibited. Details of this will be made available later. Send your mail art to: DIMITRA PAPATHEODOROU P.O. Box 3019 23 Zaimi street 26110 Patra GREECE … Thankyou!!!

Τετάρτη 22 Μαΐου 2013


APRIL 2013

Vittore Baroni by Piermario Ciani 

Vittore Baroni (born 1956), born in Forte dei Marmi, Italy, is an Italian mailartist, music critic and explorer of countercultures. Since the mid-1970s he has been one of the most active and respected promoters and documenters of mail art. He has written or edited various books on aspects of the “networking cultures” that anticipated the Internet, among which is the mail art guide book, Arte Postale. He has also contributed to many of the seminal works about mail art published in recent decades, including Chuck Welch's Eternal Network, H.R. Fricker's I am a Networker (Sometimes), and Renaud Siegmann's Mail Art, Art postal - Art posté. In the past three decades he has organized many exhibitions, events, publications and collective projects in the fields of mail art, audio art, visual poetry, underground comics and street art, including 100 issues of Arte Postale! mail art magazine. He was the originator of formative networking projects such as the TRAX modular system (1981–1987), the multiple names Lieutenant Murnau and Luther Blissett, the Stickerman project and F.U.N. (Funtastic United Nations, since 2001).He is based in Viareggio, Italy. 
Mail Art and Arte Postale!
Vittore Baroni was introduced to the mail art network in 1977 through Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, and instantly became heavily involved, participating every year in dozens of international projects and shows. From 1979 he organized a series of Mail Art exhibitions for the Forte dei Marmi Town Library and published the first issue of his enduring magazine Arte Postale! In 1992 he created, with Piermario Ciani, the Stickerman Museum devoted to all forms of adhesive art. In addition to writing the influential books, Arte Postale, guida al network della corrispondenza creativa (1997) and Postcarts – Cartoline d’artista (2005), he also edited the books Rubber Stamp Art by John Held Jr. (1999) and Artistamps by James Warren Felter (2002) In 2000, Baroni was Curator of the Mail Art section for a large retrospective exhibition on the art avant-gardes of the 20th century, Sentieri Interrotti at the Museo d'Arte Moderna of Bassano del Grappa. He is co-founder of the cultural association BAU in Viareggio.  He has also conceived and coordinated several major international networking projects.
  • IM98: A Year Of Incongruous Meetings (1998).
  • The F.U.N. (Funtastic United Nations) project (2002) with Piermario Ciani, which included the publication of the multimedia box Mail 4 FUN, and a series of exhibitions, Philatelic FUN
  • Bank of FUN (2003) featuring a portfolio of artist’s banknotes from imaginary countries
  • Obscure Actions (2004)
  • Klang! Sound art festival (2009)
  • Art Detox (2010)
Baroni's 30th Anniversary in mail art was celebrated with a series of exhibitions and projects in Viareggio and Berlin, documented in six issues of Arte Postale! magazine, and culminating in the final, 100th edition in 2009. A boxed set of the complete collection of Arte Postale! was acquired by the Mart Museum in Rovereto in 2010.



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