Mail Art project “ Altered book pages” You are invited to participate in a Mail Art project entitled “Altered book pages”. You may paint, make a collage, use photos and more on a book page. You can use any kind of book pages you want and as many pages you want or an entire book. If you like I can send you some pages from Greek books to use. Theme: Altered book pages Size, media, number of submissions: Free No fees, no jury, no returns. Deadline: May 1st 2017 Please include the title of the work, your name, address, email address, etc. Documentation: All entries will be displayed online so if you don’t want your contact details (postal and email address) to be published please let me know. A venue is currently being sought where the works can be Exhibited. Details of this will be made available later. Send your mail art to: DIMITRA PAPATHEODOROU P.O. Box 3019 23 Zaimi street 26110 Patra GREECE … Thankyou!!!

Πέμπτη 23 Μαΐου 2013


MAY 2013


Pietro Romano Matarrese is on Facebook:

Pietro Romano Matarrese was born in 1949 in Noci (Bari); he's a many-sided artist since the Sixties.
As a painter, he got exhibitions in Circolo Culturale La Quercia in Alberobello (Bari), in High School "Scacchi" in Bari where he won the first prize; in "III Mostra di Pittura Città di Mottola" (Taranto), in Circolo "Salvemini" in Grumo Appula (Bari), in Galleria "Niccolò Piccinni" and "Artisti in Via Suppa" in Bari.
In 1975 he collaborated for a film about the XV Reading Jazz Festival (UK). In 1976 he has been director of one of the first Italian free radios. As a musician, he took concerts in Abeliano Theatre in Bari; he wrote and played music for Accademia di Belle Arti's exhibition in ExpoArte '80. He partecipated to "Palcoscenico in Puglia" tour with some concerts. He composed and played music for "Eva & Lou" and "Master Finta... sy" (Rai Uno, national Italian broadcast channel). As a filmaker and a musician he has produced the following videos: "P-Etrusco Mataurense", "L'Ape Avara", "La Spada", "Le nuove invasioni", "Da campane a consone farfalle di forte intensità", "Sorti da così tanta luce ci rifugiammo in ragionevoli certezze" in "Filmaker" in Milan and Rome, in "Salso Film e TV Festival" in Salsomaggiore, "Cervia Video Clip", Messina "Video Art", "XXXVI Festival Internazionale del Cinema di Salerno", "XXXVIII Mostra Internazionale del Cinema di Montecatini", "Independent Music Meeting" in Florence, "Video Incontro Spagna-Germania-Italia", "Monitors" in Rome, "Teleconfronto" international festival in Chianciano, "Centro Video Arte" in Ferrara, "Festival di Bellaria", "Firenze '88", and "Arts' Gape" on the internet for FreewebTV (Wien, Austria). Video-installation in "Elettronici Graffiti" (ExpoArte '88 in Bari); concert in the International Festival "TimeZones" in 1988; exhibition in "Spazio Aperto all'Arte" in "ExpoArte '96" in Bari; ambient music in Bari's'fortino' for "Arteindosso"; sculpture exhibition in Piazza della Signoria in Florence for "Caffè d'Arte"; prize for sculpture in " XXI Medusa Aurea" in Rome. He presented his bilingual essay "About the trulli's origin" in "XI International Festival Mediterraneo" in Conversano (Bari) also with a concert in Bisceglie's amphitheatre. He also discussed on his essay's subject in a conference held in Alberobello for the Petra Project sponsored by UNESCO. He was Professor in Brera Academy of Fine Arts (Milan) and now is teaching in Bari Academy of Fine Arts. He partecipated in the "XXXIV Rassegna Internazionale Città di Mottola" and "2000 Segni di Pace" in "ExpoArte 2000" in Bari.

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